30 Year Reunion


Hello Classmates!!!

Due to timing and the circumstances for our 30 year reunion I have decided that it would be the easiest for those that would like to get together, to just meet for an evening, have dinner, drinks, catch up and have some good conversation! I have spoken with the Sandpiper in Idaho Falls, and I reserved the big private room for August 3, 2019 at 6pm. He has given me 2 weeks to give him a head count. You would pay for whatever you eat or drink separately. He is not charging us for the room, but if we don't get over 20-25 people minimum to attend we will need to look at alternative situation. I apologize that I need to place a 2 week deadline for your decision.

The survey previously sent out was completed by 12 classmates out of over 170 emails sent out. Thank you to those of you that took the time to respond.

Some people suggested Tautphus park, meeting at our graduating high school, or floating warm river during the day for family event. I will leave any daytime activities up to feedback from those that register under the "What's New" section on this website.

Please respond ASAP :)

Thank you,


P.S. On 5-17-19, Yay🎉 so we got enough people to keep the private room. You can still register if you find that you are able to come. I just have to give them a final count when we get closer to end of July!! Thank you 🙃

30 year reunion (Saturday August 3 2019)

Cost is whatever you consume :)